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New Year's wishes!

Glad to have made it to an interesting start to the new year. The magic our way podcast has been going pretty good. Over two hundred episodes and still going! I have uploaded some new images from the geisha book, and It's wierd to look back on something you did. It takes a while to create these books and a good amount of sacrifice.

So, usually I aim for at least one a year. But it amounts to two issues in a book. My studio areas looks like a paper factory exploded. After a book is done it's like coming up for air from an underwater time machine. Family,and friends have changed. Technology,even the shows I've had on my lists on netflix aren't there anymore. I understand I like old tv, I most of them on dvd anyway.

I'm almost done the first savages book which looks like it keeps expanding. It went from 40 pages to 48 but it looks like 52 is my cutoff point. Then I got to really get the process rolling.

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