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I've been running around but finally had some time to post up an interview I did with the good folks at Genesis Sci Fi radio. Want to know what inspired me to draw? How did I get started, or what did I watched that freaked me out as a kid? Well here's your chance! There are a lot of creators that are interviewed on this site if you are an indy creator, I recommend giving it a go. In the meantime, enjoy the interview. Next up, I'm still working on some new pages for the upcoming savages book due out for next year! One thing about keeping at the table when balancing other life responsibilities, it really makes you grow as an artist as you try new things.

Trying new things and hoping for a different result

Well, here I am again. Typing away to any soul who has came across this corner of internet. I have been still spreading the gospel of Project Geisha. But more effort can always be done. That book was a labor of love and it took a while to put it together, so in a sense I'm kinda married to it. I had a thought about what makes a comic appealing to fans and those who can give more exposure. But I pretty much realized that will happen in it's own time and it's one of those things that can drive me nuts. It's like guessing lottery numbers, you can try but no one knows the numbers for sure. But for the sake of staying creative and how it does help me see adifferent side of life. I'm going to sta

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