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New Times, New Directions

I have seen some crazy stuff in the past couple of months. And there's not much I can do about it. Luckily the fates have allowed me to have the magic our way podcast to keep my spirits up. If you haven't had a chance to listen to it you should, especially if you love disney and podcasts on the way to work or wherever the road takes you.

The point is you have to keep up with something to keep you balanced. I've been thinking about this and it's inspired me to work out this new geisha arc I'm going to call The Geisha Hunt. I'm a fan of the creative process of writing and since no one else is paying me to draw, no one is paying me to write either so, may as well take a swing and see if I can make an entertaining story and most of all add a dimension to one of the main stays of this universe.

You are going to see new villains, new developments and new weapons. And most importantly... new art.

That's right...I'm not posting this on facebook yet. But if you come to the site every now and again to see something new, thanks and your patience will be rewarded.

I'm going to make this next Geisha story a webcomic, so you can read this story wherever you are. I've gotten some help on this one as I've taken an old plot and have reworked it and got help from Jeremiah to scribe it. Then Tom Martin came along and picked up the pencils I did and worked on inks, colors and letters. So here's are samples page of what we got so far....

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