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Ivory Comics is a New Orleans based independent studio founded by Eli Ivory. Together with friends, we have created several unique stories - from the tragic story of Emily Tanaka, the fearless Geisha, to a band of zookeepers forced to protect their zoo from something evil after a hurricane has destroyed their city.


Eli Ivory

Eli Ivory is a computer technican by day and comic book creator on nights and weekends. He has a Bachelors of Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and has even taught comic classes in various schools and libraries in the Louisiana area. He has drawn for various independent companies before deciding to create Ivory comics to produce his own ideas and help others to develop stories. He also podcasts with fellow friends on a disney podcast called magic our way. Which can be found at

Editor, Writer, Penciller

Jeremiah Lee

Jeremiah Lee is a writer of short stories, poems and songs. He has had works published here and there and has been in countless bands, but only one band ever went anywhere. He had a short stint as a stand up comic, but he gave it up after he realized he hated the audience more than they hated him. After joining Ivory Comics, he realized he had finally found a place to freely create stories he loves and is proud to call home. He has a daughter and lives in the deep south, where the oppressive heat and humidity turns "decent people" into savages.

Writer, Editor

Brittany Allesandro

Brittany is a full-stack software engineer and designer! She has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of New Orleans and a Master of Computer Science from the University of Oxford. She is available for hire for any software problem big or small, from designing a new website to developing mobile and desktop applications.

web master

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