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Project Geisha

After a Tragic beginning, Emily Tanaka is given a second chance at life thanks to her Aunt Sae Tanaka. Now as the Geisha,Emily helps to serve others while still shedding light on the dark corners of her past.

The Molly be Damned

When a murder occurs between two friends in a duel, a nobleman named Garrison and his advisor Edmund recruit Ob and Chauntra two pirates who run a cursed ship called the Molly Be Damned. The mission: rescue a friend's soul even if it takes going to hell and back.


Currently Drawing

Currently in the development stage, Savages will be one of the most ambitious books created by the studio. Expected for next year, Savages tells the story Of Abe, Holly, and Pitre - three security guards of a zoo made of hollywood animals. The zoo itself is in the development from the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Can they keep their job and other lives protected while a new dangerous threat creates chaos in the zoo?

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Ivory Comics is a New Orleans based independent studio founded by Eli Ivory. Together with friends, we have created several unique stories - from the tragic story of Emily Tanaka, the fearless Geisha, to a band of zookeepers forced to protect their zoo from something evil after a hurricane has destroyed their city.


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